Jodo / Aikido




Tomiki style Aikido is an ethical martial art that uses an attacker’s own force. Learn to use movement, posture and off-balance to keep safe while controlling an attack. Aikido is also an effective system of physical and psychological growth, developing confidence, composure and character. Enjoy health benefits such as relaxation, stamina and increased bone density. Anyone with a sincere attitude can do Aikido, regardless of size, strength or athletic ability. We practice in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere. Visitors are welcome, and your first class is always free.

Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo is a classical Japanese martial art of using a stick to control and defeat an attacking swordsman. Originating in Kyushu, Japan, almost 400 years ago, this was used as a police weapon, and is still used by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police today. Training in Jodo teaches correct body structure, develops proper distance and timing, and builds spirit.

Instructor Jack Bieler has been studying martial arts for over 30 years. He has 7th degree black belt in Aikido and 6th degree black belt in Jodo with a traditional teaching license. The Dojo also offers Uechi-ryu Karate and Eishin-ryu Iaido (sword).


The Dojo of Traditional Martial Arts
223 West Oak Street, Denton, Texas
Second block west of the Downtown Square


Aikido Mon 6:00-7:15 pm
Wed 7:00-9:00 pm
Sat 12:30-2:00 pm

Jodo Wed 6:00-7:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

How much?

Tuition is $75/month, $65 for students.
Jodo (stick) is $40/month, free for Denton Aikido members.
(Please inquire about discounts for family and special financial circumstances.)

Dan rank is sanctioned through the KazeUta Budokai.
Registration is $60/year for association membership, which includes all promotion fees.

Unbleached cotton uniforms are available at cost (about $45).

How to get more info?

Contact Jack Bieler at (940) 391-1197, email
or call the Dojo line at (940) 320-4322